This page provides contact information for the Clerk to Dunton with Coppenhall Parish Council and for all the Councillors representing Dunton and Coppenhall on the parish, district and county councils.

Parish Clerk

Mrs. Anne Fletcher
31 Weston Bank
Weston Under Lizard
ST17 0EB
Telephone: 07929 736946

Parish Councillors

Jeff Bagnall (Dunston)
Telephone: 01785 716888

Stuart Barrow (Coppenhall)
Telephone: 07834 979261

Stephen Hodgkinson (Coppenhall)
Telephone: 01785 710883

Claire Holden – CHAIR (Coppenhall)
Telephone: 01785 211551 / 07966 022478

Gary Pliva (Dunston)
Telephone: 01785 715833

Mrs L Pilva (Dunston)
Telephone: 01785 715833

John Richardson (Dunston)
Telephone: 07785 535730

District Councillors

Andrew Adams
(Conservative representing Penkridge North East & Acton Trussell)

Sam Harper-Wallis
(Liberal Democrat representing Penkridge North East & Acton Trussell)

County Councillor

Mark Sutton
(Conservative representing South Staffordshire/Penkridge)